I wanted to do a glamorous new years post, where I’d blow dry my hair and wear foundation. While I did get all dressed to hang with my living room with Mister on NYE, there are no pictures for the gram. Bummer. So instead, let’s ring it in with my other love – Berlin. Isn’t she a beauty?

Before I go on to fully embrace 2021, I want to take a minute to share all the things that I did for the very first time in 2020. Despite it’s challenges and curveballs, it was a year with some sort of growth for most of us, and I want to bid the year that was farewell by recounting my firsts in 2020. Something I can look back to, and smile. Or roll my eyes. Emote, in some way. I have on purpose skipped the obvious, like wearing a mask, social distancing, being locked down and fearing for the health and safety of loved ones.

Ready? No? Okay, but phir bhi chalo. Please.

10. It was this year, amidst bankruptcy and financial anxiety, that I founded my first business, and realised my dream of bringing Pakistani craftsmanship and colours to Germany. Say hello to Bunte Markhor!

It was one heck of a year. And I looking forward to 2021 with a gusto of hungry monkey.