This was my second trip to Pakistan since Corona outbreak. I did a detailed video about the first trip, so you can check that out for a low down on what it’s like to travel to Pakistan via Qatar Airways in times of Corona.

Here’s what was different from the last time:
1. Make sure to confirm your flight’s date and timings beforehand as changes and cancellations are more often than usual.
2. Negative corona test report is now mandatory when travelling from DE to PK.
3. Download the passtrack app to fill in the mandatory form for all travellers to Pakistan. You can do it at the check in/luggage drop counter as well.
4. There are forms to fill, so checking in and dropping in luggage takes longer. Give yourself an additional hour to be on the safe side. Also, the new airport is rather nice (and comparatively bigger), so getting around will also take a whiff longer.
5. Last time, Qatar Airways handed out face shields, but not this time; restrictions seemed a bit laxed this time.

And that’s about it. I highly recommend you to keep a pen handy and pack strictly according to your weight allowance. Flight’s the same. Transit is the same. Arrival is the same. Feeling on touch down is priceless.