Listen, plus sized girls have it hard. Not to say others don’t. But let’s focus on us for a minute. Finding ready to wear eastern clothes, which aren’t plain ugly was never easy. While the world moved away from tailored to RTW, we still paid periodic visits to tailors for everything. Yes, something are better custom but sometimes, you wants something finished as well. We just never had that option. About a decade ago. I’d go to the lane on Zamzama where Generation is. The same lane had a a few more stores, and I often just hung out while my friends shopped. Back then, L (roughly translating to size 14) was the biggest size. Generation was a rebel, going up to size 18.

I went to get a few summer essentials yesterday at Dolmen Mall, and was soooooo pleasantly surprised that now so many more stores carry plus sized options (and I am no longer size 14, just fyi). For some reason, I really feel like wearing breezy, floral kurtas this summer in Berlin, and it will now be possible! But of course I have already began – here’s presenting Sapphire’s Scenic Route (2-piece – lawn kurta+chiffon dupatta).

Khussas – Stylo (they also carry sizes upto 43!)

Raise your hand if you are ready for warmer days ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️